Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mini Funfetti Cupcakes

Look at these cuties right here. Don't you want to pinch their cheeks and then gobble them right up?!

If you are feeling down, just scroll through these pictures and I can guarantee a smile will start to creep up on your lips.

Let's make homemade funfetti cupcakes, and let's make them into little bebes, and let's top them with a creamy dreamy vanilla buttercream. I think this is a great idea.

For me, funfetti instantly brings me back to childhood. The nostalgia alone has me craving a second batch. These cupcakes have a nice soft crumb thanks to the use of Greek yogurt, which replaces about half the butter of a traditional cupcake.

This recipe is just like the wonderful boxed cake mix and frosting tub-o-sugar cream of our childhood, elevated with a bit of adult class. Since we are never too old for sprinkles, we are using two kinds. First, traditional waxy rainbow sprinkles (some people call them jimmies? I don't trust those people) get mixed all throughout the cake batter. Then, after piping our buttercream, we are going to make-it-raaaain non-pareilles. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

You could also use those flat, circular sprinkles in the batter. Whatever you do--do NOT use non-pareilles anywhere within the cupcake. They will bleed their color right into the batter and leave you with very unappealing tie-dye batter rather than fun speckles of color.

OK, that's enough business for one day. It is cupcake time!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie Pizza with Parmesan Ranch Cream Sauce

That is quite a lengthy recipe title, but it just goes to show that this pizza recipe is JAM PACKED with flavors.

Last week I made my Chicken Pot Pockets for dinner (one of our favorite weeknight recipes!), and we found ourselves with extra pot pie filling than there was puff pastry to stuff. I packed it away in the fridge sadly, thinking for sure this would ultimately get tossed in the garbage as most forgotten leftovers do.

The next day I was still thinking about that chicken pot pie filling--what can I say, food really is always on my mind. That's when it hit me. Pizza. Pizza makes everything better and generally everything tastes better when it is on a pizza.

I told Cory what my plan was and he giggled like a school girl was totally on board with the idea. My general vision was a white cream sauce, chicken pot pie filling, mozzarella and garlic or herbs on top. Then, in an effort to show me up, Cory suggests making the cream sauce a RANCH cream sauce. Ugh, this is love.

Needless to say it was exactly what the pizza needed. A light side salad was the perfect accompaniment to make this pizza into a meal. Sure, it seems a little indulgent and it is. Pizza = indulgence. And pizza = happiness, so don't sell yourself short--you DESERVE this Chicken Pot Pie Pizza with Parmesan Ranch Cream Sauce.

It's also a great excuse to make chicken pot pockets first. You know, just spreading our dollars. The recipe below will make 2 12-inch pizzas--perfect for feeding a crowd!