About Me!

My name is Jess. I am the voice behind the stories and yummy recipes on Gas Stove Girl.

I started this blog because I have always loved writing and eating. I work in the insurance industry and, suffice to say, my daily workday doesn't usually involve either of those things. This is my way of spicing up my after work routine and allowing my creative juices to flow every now and then.

I hail from Long Island, New York, where I lived for my whole life until shipping up to Rhode Island for college. I graduated from Bryant University in May 2011 and moved to Boston shortly after graduation. I've been here ever since. I married my best friend, Cory, on November 1, 2015 and our wedding day was truly the best day of our lives! We have a wonderful amazing cat named Dot and a sweet loving pup named Star. The pets are my kitchen supervisors and my husband is my recipe guinea pig! Nothing makes the blog without going through him first!

Let me talk about the recipes. I would say my inspirations come from the Food Network, fellow food bloggers, family recipes, and the restaurants in and around the greater Boston area. I have no professional training in the kitchen. My goal is to make meals that are delicious, homemade, and attainable for the working woman or man who wants to move beyond the world of take out when it comes to their menus. I don't necessarily make low calorie meals, but whenever possible I will try to use light or lower fat ingredients. That's one of the joys of home cooking--you always know exactly what's going into your meals!

I promise that all of my stories, anecdotes, and rambles are true. My husband tells me that I make memories around the food that I eat--I realize now that he is absolutely right. Very few things hold a special place in my heart like a dish that leaves me speechless and craving more.

My cooking techniques are very basic and whenever possible I will try to expand my culinary horizons and share such experiences with you. There is always something new to try in the food world!

Oh, and as for the pictures, I'm no artist but I did get a serious camera upgrade a couple of years ago! I am now shooting with a Nikon P510 (that's after a full year of taking blog pictures on my iPhone!) I hope you enjoy the higher quality photos that now go along with my recipes. Like my cooking, however, I am still working on my photography techniques...

I hope you enjoy my recipes and will share my blog with your friends! I would be happy to answer any questions, hear any constructive feedback, or take requests for recipes you'd like to see. Drop a comment on a post or send me an email.

Happy reading! And even HAPPIER eating!

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  1. Thx for your blog. Your recipes look great and I am going to use the crab rangoon wonton recipe as a dip when I visit the senior center this month in December. If that is a hit with them I plan on using some other ones as well. So of them look really yummy. Merry Christmas