Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday Date Night at Canary Square

This past Saturday, the boy surprised me and asked me to take a break from cooking for a date night. We just moved to Jamaica Plain a couple of months ago and haven't done too much exploring food-wise. We've hit a few breakfast spots, the infamous J.P. Licks for ice cream, and a sandwich place (post to come in the future on that one!). Just steps away from our place is this lovely spot called Canary Square. Their culinary vision, according to their website, is "the rustic yet refined neighborhood spot known for enjoying classic American cuisine with a creative culinary twist." They also totally embody the eco-friendly atmosphere that JP loves and use locally grown, fresh ingredients. So cool!

After this meal, I was certain that this was the right place to start my new food blog. Their menu is small and refined, but there is literally something for everyone! I decided on the Braised Pork Bourguignon (translation: Pork Burgundy). This dish was truly MOUTHWATERING. Allow me to go on...

Soft and airy mashed potatoes were topped with a generous helping of silky, fall-off-the-bone pork, chunks of bacon, tangy pearl onions and a thick brown sauce that I could have drank from a straw. A traditional Bourguignon, or at least Julia Child's recipe, has beef stock and a reduced full-body red wine with some kind of sauteed mushroom. I would guess the recipe at Canary Square was very similar. It was savory, heartwarming, delicious, and fulfilling.

Perhaps the best part about this little treasure in Jamaica Plain wasn't just the unreal food, but the prices for large entrees were unlike anything I have seen for the quality food my boyfriend and I had. I'd absolutely recommend making a stop at Canary Square if you are in the Jamaica Plain area -- but be ready to wait! People were lining up to score a table in the intimate dining room (which can accommodate couples, small parties, or parties 6-8 people large) so be ready to hang out as they do not accept reservations.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have a long beer and wine list, and some super fun cocktails! Think: Basil Grape Mojito. YUP!

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