Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Soup's On!

Hi there, internet! How are you doing?

Sorry there has been a bit of radio silence around here. In an effort to not bring down the mood too much, I'll just say this: life. Life happens. It's been busy. Sadly, my wonderful Grandma passed away last week. She was 96, and we were able to celebrate her with family and friends for a few days, and that was lovely. I've also been slightly unmotivated in the kitchen. I was stumped for new ideas and when I did have an idea, it would bomb. It happens sometimes, it's just a creativity rut. But, the good news is, I've been doing a lot of eating outside of my kitchen. I will say that it is rather interesting how a little time eating someone else's food can get the juices flowing. Also with Thanksgiving less than a month away (OMG STOP - how can this be?!) food is surely going to be on our brains for the next few weeks.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am HOSTING - yes, indeed. In my two bedroom apartment, we will be piling in both my family and my in-laws for a non-stop day of eating. Please pray that I don't burn the turkey, that my pie crust comes together with ease, and that I can make my Grandma's Cheesy Carrot Casserole as tasty as she always did. Thank you <3

Are you chilly? I'm cold. We are resisting putting our heat on for as long as possible, but yesterday there was frost on the ground. Temptation is real.

When life gets chilly and you just want something delicious to eat, I always turn to my soup pot. I've made a whole lot of soup and stew and chowder around here (see my recipe list for the complete repertoire). Today, I'm rounding up a few of my most recent favorites that you should be sure to add to your menu this week!

Coconut Curry Chicken and Rice Soup - Flavor is seriously amped up in this warming, zingy soup. It's a crazy twist on an old classic, and I especially love soaking up that extra coconut curry broth with a warm piece of naan bread. Ugh, I'm starving!

Crockpot Harvest Beef and Barley Stew - This stands as one of my most popular recipes of 2015, and for good reason. First of all, your slow cooker does all the work for you. Then there are the autumnal flavors of rosemary and sweet potato in every bite, making this meal as comforting as your favorite flannel pjs!

Spicy Sausage, Gnocchi and Kale Soup - The ingredient list is small (awesome) but the flavor is out of this world (amazing)! Pillows of gnocchi and ribbons of kale swimming in a slightly spicy, slightly sweet creamy pool of soup - what's not to love!

Ground Lamb and Pearl Cous Cous Stew - I la-la-looove lamb, and a bit of ground lamb in this stew creates a unique, gamey flavor that gets complimented with a bit of cinnamon and tomato paste. This is a little off the beaten path, but wow is it tasty. It reminds me a lot of the rustic stews and soups we had during our honeymoon in Iceland!

Cream of Turkey Soup with Wild Rice Medley - Hi, were you listening earlier when I said Thanksgiving is on it's way? That means it won't be much longer until Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS, which let's be real are the true MVPs of this holiday. This soup. Holy cow. Rich, delicious, simple. I'm totally addicted!

New recipes coming next week! See you then :-)

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