Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Recent Eats - Volume 1

A round-up of my favorite bites and other food drama from the past few weeks

It probably comes as no surprise that I love cooking, eating, and generally just spending time in the kitchen. I'm glad to be able to have a forum to share my food-ventures on the internet, but really what makes it onto the blog is only a fraction of what ultimately comes out of my kitchen. Because of that, I'm starting a new series called Recent Eats where I will share what I'm cooking and eating, and other food musings as I see fit! 

Birthday Brunch! 

My husband and I celebrate our birthdays two days apart (Me, May 17 and he, May 19) so we have gotten into a not-so-formal tradition of smashing our two birthdays together for some kind of celebration...usually at our place...usually with me doing most of the cooking. This year was no exception! And because we are trying to be hip at age 27, we decided this year called for brunch and a casual 8 bottles of champagne polished.

As for the food, I made a ridiculous amount of waffles from the Joy of Cooking cookbook (any home cook needs this! It's my bible!) with warm syrup, two types of quiche (sausage and peppers with cheddar, broccoli/spinach/mushroom with fontina), avocado toasts with marinated tomatoes and vanilla yogurt with berries and granola! 

Snapchat Crispy Gnocci BLT Salad

A few weeks ago, I started sharing some behind the scenes/bonus recipe and meal ideas on Snapchat (@jkomdabomb). Last night, I whipped up a Crispy Gnocchi BLT Salad and wow did you guys enjoy it! I have a few tweeks I want to make to the recipe before posting it here, but be sure to check it out before it disappears for some meal inspiration to get you through the week! 

Mango Salsa

My friend was in a "salsa-off" for Cinco de Mayo and we spent a couple of hours (no exaggeration) making, tweaking, and tasting a delicious mango salsa. It had everything you could want in a salsa: juicy tomatoes, spicy jalapenos, sweet and tangy mango, crunchy corn, black beans, lime juice, cilantro, garlic, yum! Just thinking about it makes me hungry again. We won't discuss whether or not he won the competition, but I like to think that, if nothing else, we personally won. Because we ate a lot of chips. And drank a lot of wine.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Although it looks like summer is finally here to stay, a few weeks ago there was still a chill in the air in Boston so I whipped up one last big pot of soup to bid adieu to winter. I made this amazing roasted cauliflower soup from Two Peas and Their Pod, but added some Italian sausage to the mix. It was so delicious! Two thumbs up for this recipe.

Dove Peanut Butter Squares Pudding Cookies

I am absolutely obsessed with pudding cookies - soft, cakey cookies that stay fresh for days thanks to a packet of dry pudding mix. Chocolate, vanilla, lemon, you name it! A few weeks ago I made my classic chocolate pudding cookie recipe but instead of chips, I chopped up Dove Peanut Butter Squares and mixed them into the dough. Wow. Decadent and delicious, I wish I had another!

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