Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 things to know about this foodie

I haven't had any new cooking adventures recently, so I thought I would share ten fun, random facts about myself.

Seriously -- they are VERY random :-) Enjoy!

1)      I am a middle child.
2)      I have never hosted a dinner party, despite loving to cook.
3)      I am one of the biggest New York Mets fans this side of anywhere.
4)      I cannot resist the urge to stomp through puddles when I’m wearing rainboots.
5)      I adopted my cat in November with my boyfriend. His name is Dot.
         4 things to know about Dot:
         a.      Gray Tabby
         b.      Domestic Short Hair
         c.      13 whopping pounds
         d.      A lover, not a fighter
6)      I have never been to the Statue of Liberty.
7)      I’m not 100% positive what color my eyes are.
8)      My favorite meal is made with 4 simple ingredients. It’s my mom’s
Mac and Cheese. Tomato soup, a block of sharp cheddar cheese, whole
wheat pasta, more cheddar cheese shredded on top—that’s all you need
for heavenly goodness!
9)      My favorite cocktail is a mojito.
10)     I talk really loud and laugh even louder.

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