Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recent Food Adventures

I know, I know. It's been more than a week and I have left you with nothing to cook, eat, or laugh at. I'm quite sorry. Let me tell you this blogging stuff is hard work! And I am also getting into the thick of my exam season, which means most free time must be spent doing math rather than documenting my dinners. It's not about you, guys. It's totally about me.

Ok enough of this relationship break up business. Despite my lack of blog posts, I have been eating some interesting food at really good places! Here's a brief run-down of where I've been recently and the mouthwatering dinners I had there.

Good Eats in Boston:

Cafe 47 - I went here when my good friend, Lisa, and her sis came up to visit Boston. Truth be told it was the NEW YORKERS and not me, the local, who found this place. Also, as New Yorkers, we were VERY satisfied with the pizza here. The atmosphere is probably my favorite part of Cafe 47. It is quaint, dark, with rustic accents throughout. I had the Goat Cheese and Salmon Linguine (basically, all my favorite things on top of fresh pasta). It was outrageously good--sprinkled with a little bit of dill, fresh goat cheese, shredded salmon YUM! I definitely suggest giving this place a try. You can get a delicious dinner at a VERY reasonable price. Great for dates and small groups! .......Oh, I should mention, they had a selection of four desserts and we got one of each. Grilled apple bread, grilled banana bread, a Nutella PB banana grilled sandwich, and chocolate moose. Is your mouth watering yet?

Abe and Louie's - This is a fancy steakhouse located on Boylston street that is VERY good. Cor and I went here with family he had in town, and I must say the experience of going to a really GOOD steakhouse was worth it. The exquisite food was even more so. So you are probably wondering what steak I had.....well, I had the Chilean Sea Bass. Ok, look, it was a special that night and our waitor, Chris, made my mouth water just DESCRIBING the dish. I was NOT disappointed. It was beautifully grilled on top of crispy swiss chard with a jumbo shrimp right on top. I was eating like a queen. Now, don't misunderstand me -- this is a fancy little joint downtown and it will certainly be a long time before another gallivant to a place like this. But if you have a special occasion and a few dollars to spend, head to Abe and Louie''s just divine.

Wagamama - to say and an interesting eating experience, for sure. This restaurant has Asian inspired cuisine, with it's focus on noodle dishes. I had the Yaki Soba, which in a way reminded me of Pad Thai. The thing about Wagamama (say it aloud, go ahead) is that everything is freshly prepared to order so everything comes out haphazardly. Just ignore all manners if your food comes out first, because if everyone'd be eating cold noodles. Overall, though, the food is quite tasty. It's light and fresh, which is somewhat unexpected for such noodle dishes. Also, apparently their chocolate cake dessert is featured on the Boston chocolate tour, so you may be wise to try that out!

Have you eaten anywhere new in your city recently?

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